University of British Columbia Model United Nations 2018


The largest Western Canada collegiate conference held its 26th annual conference in downtown Vancouver on January 5-7th, 2018.  With the theme of “Complex Problems, Creative Solutions” our delegates were poised to be tackle problems with new ideas more than ever before.

Our conference had five committees, including the General Assembly Second Committee, Security Council, Commission on Science and Technology for Development, International Court of Justice, and the International Press Corps.  Delegates from the United States and Western Canada joined us this year, with a total of about 140 delegates.

Dr. Jenny Peterson of the University of British Columbia helped set the tone with a thought-provoking introductory speech on new ways to tackle wicked problems in International Relations.  Asking the delegates at the opening ceremonies to do an exercise where they discussed world problems that they felt particularly poignant, delegates were already beginning the process of working closely together.

Over the next three days, delegates discussed topics ranging from the Food Security, The Situation in Myanmar, and simulated the Jadhav India v. Pakistan case in the ICJ.  Our unique International Press Corps represented news outlets from all over the globe, reporting on the events and discussions of the United Nations and publishing up-to-date articles.  One of the most popular parts of UBCMUN, the Press Conference on the second day gave delegates from every committee the opportunity to hear about the proceedings of other committees, and witness some delegates be questioned about their actions by the press.

Our Saturday night out at Republic nightclub was one of the most popular delegate socials we have had to date, and we look forward to improving it even more going forward.

Throughout the conference, delegates pushed the topics to their fullest potential, seeking the most comprehensive and cohesive solution in all cases.  Our staff and secretariat worked hard to ensure a smooth conference, and throughout the weekend, we witnessed some amazing work by the delegates and each other that confirmed our vision had been met.

All of delegates were so strong this year that staff members asked to add awards in the last minutes because choosing the top candidates was too hard, a display of the true quality of debate this year.  Our best delegation award went to the University of Calgary.

Helen Claire Andrus
UBCMUN 2018 Secretary-General