Calgary in Crisis Model United Nations 2018


On February 3rd-4th, over a hundred and twenty delegates gathered at the University of Calgary for CICMUN's inaugural year. Despite some crises (pun-intended) for the staff and secretariat, the conference was on overwhelming success, as many delegates had a fantastically fun time and an enriching educational experience.  

In The European Winter Crisis of the 1980’s - a Joint Crisis between the Mafia and the INTERPOL, we saw Pandora’s box open up. With the incursion of the Yakuza, the kidnapping of John Lennon and Michael Jackson, and weapons and illicit substances being traded all around the world, these committees truly had an eventful weekend.

In The League of Nations in the 1930’s - our historical crisis committee - we saw the invasion of Abyssinia, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the expansion of the Empire of Japan and the eventual collapse of the League. With the rise of a communist Italy, the Pope’s escape to Brazil and the Holy Army's conquest against the United States, and the continued survival of fascism leading to a three-way World War: these crises ultimately proved too much for the League and ended with its demise. 

In a World in Nuclear Fallout 2100 - our 'future crisis' committee, where after the third world war began in the 1980’s the world faced a host of issues. All sorts of radiation needed to be cleaned, with trade routes needing to be re-established, new conventions and laws being drawn. Eventually the rise of zombies and rabid beasts, and the surviving scientologists creating an army of super soldiers threatening to wipe out the planet’s governments, the first world congress aimed to create time travelling devices and invaded the Suez Canal twice (unsuccessfully). The arrival of the aliens meant the unification of humanity, and a united front for the committee in the end.

Lastly, we have the International Court of Justice which was an ad hoc committee. This year the ICJ discussed the certain questions regarding the alleged creation of Al Qaeda by the Central Intelligence Agency. We saw President George W. Bush’s arrest, Rex Tillerson attempting to murder Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton standing trial, and the rise of many covert operatives known simply as Jason Smith. Despite the many intricacies and confusion of conflicting testimonies and biased evidence, the delegates were able to decipher the evidence before them and come to a conclusion - wherein they found Bill Clinton guilty.

We would like to thank all delegates and staff for an amazing conference, and we are onto even more exciting committees for CICMUN 2019! The conference will be hosted on February 2nd through 3rd, and more details will be announced in the spring and summer of 2018. The committees for CICMUN 2019 will be announced at the closing ceremonies of UofCHSMUN 2018, which are:

  1. The First Martian War 2300: The Sovereign Metropolis of Earth - Joint Crisis Committee (JCC)
  2. The First Martian War 2300: The Confederate Dominion of Colonial Mars - Joint Crisis Committee (JCC)
  3. The Anglo Saxon Chronicles: The Viking Raids and the Rise of William I - Historical Crisis
  4. The Scrolls of the East: The Meiji Restoration - Historical Crisis
  5. Canadian Parliament: A Trans-Canadian Journey Through History (Ad Hoc)
  6. The Reformed United Nations Security Council 2020

Christopher Hoang