On March 17-18, 2018, delegates gathered at College Charlemagne in the West Island of Montreal to participate in the school’s first ever Model UN conference. Despite this being the conference’s first year, feedback from all participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Delegates in SOCHUM fought for equitable access to education all around the world, and later tried to overthrow the Dictatorial Republic of Africa in a social crisis.

In the OAS committee, delegates tried to resolve the crisis in Venezuela, and then entered a crisis where they were faced with drug cartels in Latin America as well as indigenous rights. Thankfully, Harry Potter magically appeared in the committee to solve the cartel problem.

As for NATO, delegates tightened the security around the organization’s interdependent framework, then had to face a crisis regarding Russian expansion and aggression. After having the United States unceremoniously leave the committee it was a founding member of, Zimbabwe decided to declare war on Greece, almost starting World War III.

Finally, delegates in the Harry Potter used their collective imaginations to come up with the most creative solutions as to how to free Hogwarts from Voldemort’s Death Eaters. They even came up with their own spells, such as one cursing the recipient with minor inconveniences, such as kettle corn permanently stuck in their teeth.

The entire Secretariat would like to say a huge thank you to all delegates who participated as well as staff and volunteers who helped make CCIMUN’s inaugural edition such a success. We hope you enjoyed your weekend and hope to see you next year!

Daniel Mordkovitch
Secretary-General, CCIMUN 2018